My name is Taylor, and I’m reading through a list of 100 Books To Read Before You Die (but I’m sure you’ve gathered that).


Because I have way too much free time on my hands. Which is also why I’ve decided to blog my way through it as well.

Why do I have so much free time?

I’m a recent graduate from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Go Blazers! When I’m not reading I’m job hunting.  Job hunting, going on interviews, writing cover letters, doing more job applying. The exciting life of a recent graduate.

Why this list, you ask?

Well I was sitting around watching The Equalizer (if you haven’t seen it and love action movies GO WATCH IT) and the character mentions a list he is working his way through. Being a lover of books, I went “HEY, I should do that!” So here we are.

Maybe, I can amuse some others with this adventure as well. Some of the books I have read before while others are completely new to me. I look forward to re-experiencing some of my favorites while also dipping into new waters.



3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Congrats on graduating! This sounds like a great project. 🙂

    If it interests you? There’s an awesome community project that might be to your liking: it’s called The Classics Club. All you do to join is list fifty classic titles you want to read in five years, and blog them. The “club” is merely a place for everyone to chatter about what they’re reading, and make friends. The group is extremely welcoming, and everyone determines for themselves what counts as a classic. And there’s totally no penalty if you change your list or can’t finish in five years. The point is simply to help us all find others who read old books, because in real life (I mean, offline) we don’t actually know that many readers. Either way, all the best with your reading. 🙂



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